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Created in 2007 in the UK, then established in France and Spain in 2012.     

B&B Head Hunting Ltd is a Consulting company focused on Human Ressources Organisation.


Specialised in


Talents Management


Strategic Workforce Planning 


Change Guidance ,

we are supporting Firms Leaders to align their Human Ressources  with their Strategy Requirements.


Talent is not the only key to the success.

"Skills+ Relevant Behavior+ Vision"

Our Strenght is REACTIVITY.


Recruitment method must stick to the economy evolution. 


With Agile, the shortness of an iteration means priorities can be shifted from iteration to iteration and new features can be added into the next iteration.

Agile’s view is that changes always improve a project; changes provide additional value.


Individuals & Interactions Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working Softaware better than a comprehensive documentation.

Customer Collaboration better than a contract negociation.

Responding to Change more than a strict following plan.


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